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    Interested in Selling Nüd Ink at your business?

    Nüd’s unique line of designer skin treasures are a safe, non toxic way to make a statement without a long term commitment.  No needles required!!!

    • Safe and non-toxic
    • Last 4-8 days
    • Easy to Apply & Easy to Remove 
    • Gold Metallic Body Accents
    • Hard to Miss

    Our ever-expanding designer collections evolve with your ever changing taste, making it simple and easy to explore your savvy sense of self expression. Nüd Ink fits perfectly in a number of retail environments including swim shops, fashion-forward retailers, resorts and festivals. Here’s a list of select retailers that currently stock Nüd Ink:

    • Ahau Tulum, Mexico
    • Deja Lu Boutique Buffalo, NY
    • Angelina’s Garden Yelapa, Mexico


    For more information about our products, please contact us @ sales@nudink.com.  Thank you very much for your interest in Nüd Ink and we look forward to doing business with you! Get Nüd in you store today!



    Nüd Ink will have your custom logo designed for your business on a tattoo.  Let your employees flaunt your logo in Metallic Body Accents while working and going around town, walking billboard for you company!  Check out how Wasted Grain of Scottsdale, Arizona is getting Nüd by visiting them or there website.  Let you employees get Nüd!




    Nüd Ink wants to make selling our product in your store as fun and exciting for you as it is for us.  We will provide sheets of Tattoos for your staff to show off while working. We have a few simple guidelines that we ask you to follow. Nüd is very excited in you becoming one of our family members.

    1. All Nüd Tattoos sets must remain intact and sold as a set. Retailers are not permitted to break up packs or sell Nüd Tattoos as individual sheets or individual Tattoos.

    2. Nüd Ink does not guarantee any type of exclusivity to its retailers for the products in our catalog.

    3.. Nüd does not accept returns for wholesale orders unless the product is defective.