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    Henna Lounge artist Darcy Vasudev has always had a passion for the meditative act of creating ephemeral artwork. The "trend" of using henna for body adornment has been around for at least 5000 years, and Darcy loves using traditional motifs, but interpreting them in innovative ways. Darcy believes that humans are naturally drawn toward adorning themselves and that the ancient motifs are just as relevant today. Taking classic patterns and adding new twists, such as these metallic tattoos in contemporary layouts keeps the art of henna fresh and accessible to all who wish to decorate themselves. 

    It was such a treat work with Darcy in turning some of her amazing hand-drawn signature designs into gold and silver. The hardest part was having to limit our choices to 4 sheets!

    Darcy is a busy woman and definitely a #hennapro if we've ever seen one! Based in San Francisco where she runs her studio, Darcy could also be found doing bridal henna around the world, teaching workshops, hipster henna, and not to mention selling some seriously best staining organic Rajasthani henna & supplies for other artists. If you haven't already seen her incredible artistry (and even if you have), please go ahead and treat yourself to an inspirational eyeful of awesome. ---->


     Here's a little bit of what Darcy shared with us about starting Henna Lounge and her inspirations. 

    “I was born in California, into an artistic family. I started painting at the tender age of of two, and never stopped. My first venture into being an entrepreneur started at age 15, when I took some handmade jewelry to school and came home with a hundred dollars in my pocket.

    In the 1990s I moved to San Francisco and entered the world of technology, advertising, and sterile offices. One day, about 11 years ago, I decided the air-conditioning was too cold and quit my job. I decided I was going to go back to my roots of being an artist. I didn’t plan to become a professional henna artist but I had always loved temporary art and started to become obsessed with my henna hobby. Soon it turned into a full time venture.

       Humans, born so naked, have always experimented with ways of adorning themselves, which I call 'creating your own plumage'. It’s just in our nature to decorate ourselves.  When I had the opportunity to work with Nüd Ink, I jumped on it. Adornment and bling, what could be better? The ability to mix and match designs to complement the body, and try new combinations every few days, brilliant! I love that these contemporary tattoos still have their roots in ancient traditions of beautification. “