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    Metallic Body Accents

    Never Under Dressed


    Presenting Nüd, an innovative Metallic Body Accents for the face & body. Hate Commitment?? So do we. Nüd Ink is a temporary jewelry-inspired flash tattoo. Mix and match to create your own unique style. Put it on. Peel it off. Get Nüd! It's that easy.  Nüd tattoos are great for the beach and pool (they're waterproof!), parties, music festivals, special occasions, and promotions.  Get Nüd with us today!


    Nüd’s unique line of designer skin treasures are a safe, non-toxic way to make a statement without a long term commitment. No needles or clothing required. What does it take for you to get Nüd? 30 seconds, a little water, and even less inhibition. If you’re the type to change your mind like you change your clothes, just change your Nüd Ink! They may be temporary, but our tattoos last longer than other brands, even with regular bathing. If a week is too much of a commitment, simply remove the tattoo with rubbing alcohol and you're  back to bare skin. Are you ready to get Nüd?


    Nüd Tats are more fun to apply with a partner. If the desired part of the body isn’t within reach, have a friend place your tat so the image doesn’t warp during the transfer process. Make sure your skin is free from any lotions, oils, or other cosmetic products to ensure the design adheres properly.

    1. Using a pair of scissors, cut the images as close to the edges as possible.
    2. Remove clear sheet and place design on skin, face down.
    3. Moisten the tattoo with a spritz bottle or wet cloth, then press firmly for 30 seconds or until the tattoo sticks to skin
    4. Peel back slowly and remove paper application sheet. Try not to make sudden movements or touch your tattoo until it is completely set, usually within about 10 minutes. If the image looks has a sticker like quality at first, give it an hour or two to fully settle.
    Nüd metallic body accents can last from 4-10 days depending on the body part.
    Pro Tip: Avoid oils and chemical sunscreens on the tattoo


    When it’s time to remove your ink, simply soak in baby oil, olive oil, or rubbing alcohol for a minute or so, and then wipe off, leaving fresh skin for your next accessory.


    Orders are shipped within 1 business day and may take up to a week to arrive for domestic orders.


    Due to the nature of our business, there are no refunds. Damaged items will be replaced or refunded at our discretion. Thank you for shopping with Nüd ink.