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    Celebrities Show You How To Rock the Metallic Temporary Tattoo Trend

    Sticking on temporary Spice Girl tattoos that you would find in a 5 cent piece of bubble gum was probably your favorite trend back in the 90s, and you'll be happy to know that a similar concept is being brought into the modern day world of fashion. Metallic temporary tattoos are the "it" thing. Even celebrities such as Beyonce, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Katie Holmes and so many more are owning this fashion trend and rocking original, metallic designs to music festivals, runways, concerts, photo shoots and even just for every day style. So, if you're curious to know how to own the metallic temporary tattoo trend just like the celebrities, you've come to the right place.

    A Birthday Like Beyonce

    If there is anyone worth taking fashion and beauty advice from, it's definitely the Queen Bey herself. She was actually on top of the metallic tattoo trend long before many others, rocking some jewelry inspired designs back in 2010, and she even collaborated on some styles. More recently though, Queen Bey was seen enjoying her birthday in Italy with an additional shine infused into her look, all brought on by metallic temporary tattoos. This is an excellent way to add more more sparks onto your birthday cake, or even just to add more fashion into your beach and vacation look. We must say though, the way those metallic temporary tattoos contrast on her skin is, as she likes to say, flawless.

    Kendall Jenner Rocked the Runway

    At a recent Tommy Hilfiger runway fashion show, the designer sent popular model (and Kardashian clan member), Kendall Jenner strutting down the runway rocking some star styles that were shooting all kinds of fashion. While many metallic temporary tattoos take on the appearance of jewelry, such as bangles, necklaces, rings and other shining gold and silver designs, Kendall placed her tats in areas where they truly take on the appeal of an authentic tattoo. It's the fashion model way to think outside of the box, or in this case, outside of the paper lining. Her older sisters have also posted some instagram shots of their metallic styles.

    Ariana Grande Gets a Fashionable Facial

    Instead of heading to the spa for some cucumber-eye spa treatment, Ariana Grande got a little more daring with her metallic temporary tattoo aspirations as she applied them to her face. Now, this may not be realistic for the average day, but when you're heading to a music festival, night club or even an event out in the city streets, this look can really set you apart from the bunch - just as you can see it did for Ariana. This is also a fun way to get cultural, or to simply add a splash of your fashion sense and shine to your day.

    Former Disney Stars Accessorize

    There are many former disney stars that have also fallen in love with the trend of metallic temporary tattoos. Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens stuck their jewelry inspired designs on to help accessorize their style. Simple is often chic, and these two celebrities, rocking only one or two tattoos together at a time, show exactly how the trend can be done for every day life. Mind you, that doesn't necessarily mean that layering up is a fashion faux pas. It truly depends on how you want to rock this flawless, elegant yet edgy fashion trend.

    Metallic temporary tattoos are literally like those 5 cent temporary tattoos you used to love as a kid, only for you as an adult. They speak to your creativity, fun, youth, and to your fashion sense as well. So, start sticking these gold and silver designs and sparkle infused styles on to emphasize your unique and individual fashion sense. This extremely affordable fashion trend is definitely something you won't want to miss out on, with one pack of metallic temporary tattoos ranging anywhere from $5 to $25, you can't go wrong. Head on over and give our Instagram a follow so you can see which designs are trending.

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